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AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.0.4 (r3456)

AlpineQuest GPS Hiking v2.0.4 (r3456)
Mobile phones | .apk | 4.7 MB
Languages: Italian
La soluzione completa per tutte le attività all'aperto e gli sport !! AlpineQuest è la soluzione completa per tutte le attività all'aperto e gli sport, incluse escursioni, corsa, caccia, vela, geocaching, navigazione off-road e altro ancora. Puoi accedere ad un gran numero di mappe topografiche on line e salvarle localmente nel tuo dispositivo, rendendole così disponibili anche quando non si ha accesso alla rete. AlpineQuest supporta anche le mappe on-board, come MemoryMap©
Multi-Screen Voice Calculator Pro v1.4.4

Multi-Screen Voice Calculator Pro v1.4.4 | 0.4 MB
Multi-screen calculator with voice input for everyday use!
Voice Recorder (No Ad) 1.1

Requirements: Android 4.2 and up | File size: 3,1 MB

Voice Recorder is free, full-featured, beautifully designed and easy to use audio recording app for news reporter. You can use it as a regular dictaphone for record voice notes and memos, business meetings, interviews, lectures, speeches, concerts, sleep talking or anything else.
Root Cleaner | System Eraser v7.1.0

Root Cleaner | System Eraser v7.1.0 | 5.8 MB
Main purpose of application Root Cleaner is to scan your device to find all useless files and folders in your system and on your storage and clean it. Useless files and folders are cache, empty folders, temporary files, log files, dormant files and folders, leftovers in your system, gallery thumbnails and recovery files. By this cleaning procedure you can simply erase all mess in your system, empty your storage and boost your performance! Root Cleaner also automatically notifies you when it finds 50 or more files for cleaning, so you can erase it immediately. You can also set cleaning interval and after that, Root Cleaner will clean your device automatically during the day according to your settings.
FlexR Pro (Shift planner) v7.1.2

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up | File size: 4,1 MB

FlexR Pro is the #1 app for people who work in varying shifts, giving you all options you want in an app for keeping track of your work schedule!

The app shows a clear view of your personal schedule for the coming weeks, but also your schedule of the past. Paired with the ability to sync all of your schedule to your Google Agenda, the app communicates with all your Google apps perfectly. The app gives you the opportunity to quickly make a report of your worked hours, including your salary. All you have to do, is to tell the app when you have to work. The app does the rest! Another great feature is the auto-backup function, this prevents you from losing all your data when switching devices, this can even be turned on or off!
Quick Converter (adfree) v1.0.7

Quick Converter (adfree) v1.0.7 | 1.45
Quick Converter covers all common units for: Distance, Area, Volume, Mass, Density, Speed, Pressure, Energy, Power, Frequency, Magnetic Flux Density, Dynamic Viscosity, Temperature, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Time, Angles, Data Size, Exchange Rates - internet required, Fuel Efficiency, Audio Signal Level, Torque, Force, Radioactivity, Radiation - Absorbed Dose, Radiation - Equivalent Dose, Radiation - Dose Rate, Data Transfer Rate
Kingroot 5.0.5 build 20170419 (One Click Root)

Kingroot 5.0.5 build 20170419 (One Click Root) | Android | 18.37 MB
KingRoot apk is an amazing tool for “lazy people” who just want to get root access but don’t want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China and now we release English version here for everyone.
Tools for Google Maps v3.22

Requirements: Android 4.0 and up | File size: 2,9 MB

Tools for Google Maps to highlight, edit and capture maps from Google Maps.
Camera Scanner Pro v1.6.v7a

Camera Scanner Pro v1.6.v7a | 11.8 MB
Fast Scan turns your Android Camera to the high definition scanner. With Fast Scan, you can quickly scan your documents and store or email them as JPEG files.
CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.8

CalcKit: All in One Calculator Premium v2.1.8 | 6.4 MB
CalcKit: All in One Calculator is a lightweight, clean and easy to use all in one package with over 150 unique calculators and converters. Containing a large collection of unit converter, electronic and mathematic calculators, packed in with a beautifully designed Scientific Calculator, it's the only calculator app you will ever need on your device. It contains great calculators for school and homework, but not only. If you're a scholar, student, teacher, handyman, enthusiast, engineer… and you need an all in one calculator for your device, give CalcKit a try.